Creating New Narratives.

What's In the Works

Forged in the fires of Discord and Gchat; behold what is and what will be.

Where it all began

Tower Fisher LLC was founded in 2018 in loving memory of our late grandmother. The name “Tower Fisher” refers to a world we created as kids. This world reimagined our grandmother’s 1960’s style conversation pit as a hollow tower home to innumerable prisoners, each forced to cast their fishing line into the abyss of the tower’s center. While its origin may be bleak, we think its future is bright. We hope to give life to the best of our ideations, build engaging worlds through a variety of platforms and mediums, and for you to join us in exploring them.


Writer, Game Master, Magic the Gathering player, and lover of storytelling tropes.   


Unity developer, pixel artist, writer, college football fan, and untrustworthy dancer.